VIP Booking at the Range

 If your leisure time is hard found and you want to be able to walk into the range with a minimum of fuss, have a range bay to yourself or for you and your friends, this is the booking for you. Our normal booking system is for members only however the VIP booking is available to everyone.

Bring your vehicle around to the rear of the range, where it will be valet parked for you.

Enter the building directly into the range bay without passing through the common areas.

Your requested rental guns, ammunition and targets will already be at the shooting tables.

Sign your range paperwork at the table in the range bay( option to sign in advance is also available).


Let the RSO know when you are ready to leave and  your vehicle will be brought to the back door ready for you.

Check out with the RSO ensuring that he has all the rental guns and ID Tags back in his possession.

Check that you have all your gear, ammo and any targets you wish to keep and depart through the rear door of the range.


    Call 256 774 5741 and ask for a VIP Booking


VIP Rates start at $160 per hour for up to 5

Maximum  occupancy is 10.   $15/additional shooter over 5

Gun Rental $10/pistol  $25/rifle, most calibers of ammunition available to purchase

First 5 targets free additional targets $1 each




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