SUMMER RIFLE LEAGUE 2020:   Starts 27 July


1.       Rules

a.       Current NRA Rules apply.  Rifle shooters  must be freestanding, slings are permitted

b.      NRA Rule Book will be available online, for reference, at the range,


2.       Host

a.       The Hosting Range is Last Resort Guns Inc (LRGI).

b.      Firing will be conducted at the LRGI indoor range (10849 County Line Road, Madison AL 35758).

c.       LRGI range rules must be followed as set by the LRGI Range Rules.


3.       Shooting Season

a.       Length

                                           i.          An 6 week league.

b.      Dates

                                         i.          Summer Rifle League will start on  27 July 

                            ii.       Summer Rifle League  will finish on  7 September

                           iii.       Prize award and Challenge Match  on 7 September .


4.       League Association

a.       Individual competition only, no team or League affiliation required.

b.      Information Required:

                                           i.          Shooter Name.

                                          ii.          Class (Rifle or PCC). Division

                                         iii.          Shooter Address and Phone.

                                         iv.          Shooter e-mail if available.

c.       Shooter information due with premium.

d.      LRGI reserves the right to limit the number of shooters.

e.       Competitors must complete a minimum of 5 shoots  to be eligible for any awards/drawings.

5.       Fees

a.       League Fees

                                           i.          First shooter from family is $25.00 for 1st class entry, additional class entry $15 (ie $25 PCC or rifle, $40 both).

                                          ii.          Additional family members enrolling, $15 per  class entry.

                                         iii.          Fees due by 30th July  with required shooter information.

          b.       Range Fees

                                           i.          Regular LRGI admission fees are in effect for the League.

                                          ii.          No additional Charges for LRGI Members and their family members to shoot the league.

                                         iii.          A  Trial Family Membership (2 month) is included for the duration of the league.

6.       Course of Fire

a.  All rifle firing will be at 25 yards, Competition will be shot from standing Position unsupported( slings permitted), Juniors may sit elbows rested on knees.

                                           i.         Rifle Class any Semi-Auto, bolt action,lever  carbine  .223-8mm.  No 30-06

                                          ii.         PCC Class any Semi-Auto, bolt action, lever  carbine  30cal-45LC

 iii.      Weekly Match 20 Shots Slow Fire (2 shots per target sillouette, 7 minutes for the string)

b.       Alibis

                                           i.          Current NRA Rules apply.  NRA Rule 9.14C. 


7.       League Divisions

a. Open: Rifle  :   Scopes , Optical sights, Light gathering scopes, Muzzle brakes and Barrel weights permitted. No active projection on the Target.

b. Open:  PCC  :   Scopes , Optical sights, Light gathering scopes, Muzzle brakes and Barrel weights permitted. No active projection on the Target.

c. Limited: Rifle: Iron Sights, Adjustable & Fiberoptic Permitted. No Optical or  Electronic Sights.

d. Limited: PCC: Iron Sights, Adjustable & Fiberoptic  Permitted. No Optical or  Electronic Sights.

Special Recognition Classes within League Division:  Top Lady. Top Youth. Top Junior. Top Senior ( Must have 3 participants in the class for recognition)



8.       Targets

a.        LRGI will provide all targets                      

b.       All Targets will be marked by the Competitor with Competitor’s name (must be legible) and target week number

c.         Competitors may retain their targets after the conclusion of the league.

10.       Scoring

a.       Targets

                                           i.          Targets will be scored by an LRGI RSO and the Person who scores a Competitor’s targets will also mark their full name (must be                                                      legible) on the  targets

                                          ii.          Scoring Plugs may not be used except by an LRGI RSO – Overlays must be used.

                                         iii.          When a scoring plug is used, all parties must agree to the score value prior to removing the plug.

                                         iv.          Overlays will be used to determine doubles – plugs cannot be used.

                                          v.          LRGI will have scoring plugs and overlays available

                                         vi.          LRGI will impound all targets after the firing session for score verification and entering scores into database – to be returned to the                                              shooter after  cores are entered, if requested, or if discrepancies arise.

b.      Score Eligibility

                                           i.          Scores will be recorded by Competitor Name for every completed match

                                          ii.         A shooting session must be completed (all 20 shots accounted for) for scores to be submitted for entry.

 11.    Shooting League Targets

a.       League targets may be shot any day throughout the week and at any time that the range is open. You may shoot  targets for the prior week if you were away and you may shoot targets for the week ahead if you will be away. No more than 3 Targets may be shot in a single week.

b.      The scored portion of your shoot requires that you advise the RSO so that he may keep time for you.

c.       Competitor Standings will be determined by the Average of the 20 shot aggregate scores for each week

12.    Awards

a.       League Champion will be awarded to highest score (High Overall 20 shot aggregate best 5 matches) for the  Division with largest enrollment 

                                           i.          For League Champion -  Trophy & 3 month membership to LRGI

b.      Individual  awards May be given out. Must have 3 competitors in Class

                                        i.          One for Each Division champion  -    3xTrophy        

                            ii.          One for the Top Lady - 1x Trophy

                           iii.          One for the Top Youth (12 and under) -1x  Trophy

                          iv.       One for Top Senior (60 and over)-1x   Trophy

                           vi.       One for Top Junior (13-17) -1x  Trophy


 c.   A 3 month membership to LRGI will be awarded by random drawing for participants who submit at least 5 scores.

d.      Door Prizes / Awards / Drawings For the Challenge Shoot

                                           i.          Must be present to win Door Prize

                                          ii.          To be eligible for the drawing competitor must complete (actually shoot in) a minimum of 5 matches. 

                                         iii.          To receive prizes a competitor must be able to legally do so.

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